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Delivering Bottled Water to our Happy "Hydrated" Customer's!

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Water Delivery and Water Coolers

Don't say "Water"... say "Spring Valley"! 


Spring Valley Water is a family owned, Maine business that bottles and delivers Spring Valley Water® in 3 and 5 gallon bottles to homes, offices, plants, job sites and commercial businesses. We have been in business since 1990 and provide quality Maine Bottled Water and exceptional service from a reliable and friendly staff at reasonable prices.

As a consumer, you have come to expect the best for your money, and that is exactly what Spring Valley Water delivers. We have made a commitment to provide the most reliable service to you. We presently serve central Maine, from Rockland to Greenville, Auburn/Brunswick to Patten and most all points in-between. If you need service outside this area, Please give us a call. We're always looking to expand our delivery areas.

With the addition of the Home Depot contract we are now seeking new customers from Auburn, Brunswick & Augusta areas, give us a call at 207.989.5050 and Don't forget about our FREE OFFER!


Now Available at 8 Maine Home Depot locations!

Now Available at your local Maine Home Depot store

We are Pleased to announce that we are now conveniently available at these 8 Home Depot locations...

North Windham


Pick us up at a Home Depot near you!

Ask about our Jobsite Trailer Service

We're more than just water!

Our Company:

  • uses computerized invoices generated upon delivery 
  • requires no bottle deposits 
  • offers a refreshing, clean & safe product 
  • provides reliable scheduled delivery service that fits your needs! 
  • makes it easy to remember your next scheduled delivery, it is printed on every invoice 
  • offers electronic monthly Statements w/invoice copies 
  • prefers Cash or Checks, but takes Visa, MC & Amex 

Give us a call at 1.800.553.1172 or locally at 207.989.5050 Today!

We will do our best to earn your Trust...

"Always in Good Taste"

 Spring Valley Water® 

This map displays our general delivery areas. Point A is our Bottling Plant,  any towns on the major roads that connect these points on the map are welcome. Please call to confirm 207.989.5050

Our Delivery Areas

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Need Bottled Water service outside Maine?

Click the link below, enter your Zip Code and one of these quality companies will assist you from www.Water.com

Water.com, Bottled Water Service anywhere in the United States. Alhambra, Athena, Belmont Springs, Crystal Springs, Hinckley Srpings, Kentwood Springs, Mount Olympus, Nursery, Sierra Springs and Sparkletts



New Customer Offer - First Month Cooler Rental and Three 5 Gallon Bottles FREE!

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Here's a few words from our satisfied customers:

"I've been enjoying Spring Valley Water for over seven years now. Not only is the water delicious, but they treat me like family! I recommend Spring Valley Water to everyone! :)"

Nate & Amanda Savage  
Brunswick, Maine 

"We are enjoying the cooler and can't believe we didn't do it sooner!" 

Michele Slater 
Bangor, Maine 


"Thanks again for a decade of excellent service!" 

Bill & Bevin  
Winslow, Maine 

"As a customer of Spring Valley Water for the past 11 years, the service and attention to customer satisfaction is the Best! They come highly recommended..."

Gene Rossingnol 
Waterville, Maine 



"If you are looking for a company to just drop off bottles to your home or business, any company might do. If you are looking for a company that values and respects their customers AND has a great product, then call Spring Valley Water. You will never regret it."

Lois J. Richmond 
Wildomar, CA
(& Pittsfield, ME)  


This one came from a customers son, 4 year old Wyatt. He awoke his Mom at 1:30AM and said “I’m really thirsty, I need some Spring Valley Water... It is the best tasting water!”

What a smart boy he is!

Rebecca Connor
Bangor, Maine 


  See Complete Testimonies on our
Testimonials page 
Contact us at: 
Phone 207-989-5050 
Fax 207-989-5252 
Office Address: 
480 N. Main St. 
Brewer, ME 04412